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Every good player takes care of its equipment. However too often the batteries, the ASG lifeblood, are overlooked, neglected and used in the wrong way
The LipoProtector is a small sized but powerful BMS (Battery Management System) that allows you to use more properly your batteries and prolong considerably their lifespan

Moreover the LipoProtector can answers a very frequently asked question that we all have when we play:

“How freaking charged is my battery?!?!?”

Shall I charged it? Can I play the game with it? Will it last the next assault?
Keep calm and carry on … The LiPo Protector will answer all these questions with the easiness of the push of a button
Furthermore the Protector can help answer another question we all are familiar with:

“My new lipo Battery has suddenly swelled and doesn’t work anymore. WHY????

The answer is a bit tricky but you can learn all about it, to really understand why your batteries die reading this small simple paper, and be confident in your LipoProtector because it has been specifically designed to help you to avoid the death of your batteries.

In simple words the batteries “swelled” mainly because they have been over discharged

Basically if you (like the overwhelming majority of players) are used to discharge your battery until the ASG doesn’t shoot anymore or becomes too slow shooting, or even you can feel a decrease in performance, you are already abusing your battery, and treat it unproperly!!

The LipoProtector solves this problem, warning you exactly when is time to change your battery, automatically, and doing so extending considerably the battery’s lifespan

Your battery will last longer and working much better!

At this point we are sure you understand already the problem and how the LipoProtector can save your batteries helping you saving money and increasing your performance. The last question is only how much does it cost …